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  • Looking for something up and coming? Here’s where you’ll find our newest strains, accessories and merch for all things cannabis and Prairie Records! Browse through this collection and if there’s something that you’d like but don’t see, drop us a line – info@prairierecords.ca.
  • Weed. Pot. MJ. Devil’s Lettuce. Ganja. Broccoli. Chronic. Cheech. Joints. Hash. Dope. Grass. Hemp. Kush. Marijuana. Skunk. Shake. Whatever you like to call it, and whether you want some heat with higher levels of THC, or a more relaxed high with a bit of CBD, we’ve got you. Flower, gel caps, or oils. Click here to explore and find your next favourite strain!
  • How do you like to consume? Do you prefer to roll your own joints? Throw some flower into a vape? A bong? A pipe? Bake your own treats? Check out our accessories!
  • Need we say more? Save a few dollars on your favourite cannabis strains, accessories or our custom Prairie Records merchandise!


Our cannabis shops are currently located in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Discover how we like to explore cannabis - through the lens of a record shop. Choose strains the same way you would your playlists - by desired experience.

We’re here to celebrate art, inspire creativity and help make sure you have a great time with the products we serve.

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