Come Together: Shauneen's Pride Story

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Come Together: Shauneen's Pride Story - Blog by Prairie Records

This month, we Come Together: Overcoming a challenging year of pandemic lockdowns. Recognizing the team that keeps our Prairie Records’ spirit alive. Supporting the communities we are a part of and have always welcomed Prairie Records into their fold.

In honour of PRIDE month, we’re taking a step further and coming together to celebrate Shauneen’s unique PRIDE story. A true legacy member, Shauneen is one of our first associates at Prairie Records, working as our Regional Inventory & Compliance Lead. She is a passionate, positive and supportive team mate and we're so grateful to share what PRIDE means to Shauneen.

My wife and I married 2018, and when it comes to our love story one cliché came to mind: “Love conquers all”; which also represents what Pride is all about. My wife is Ukrainian, and I am Aboriginal, and although we both grew up in Saskatchewan, we have a lot of differences in our background due to our culture and upbringing. Because we both grew up in small towns, we did share the same fear, anxiety, and confusion when it came to being true to ourselves due to the limited diversity and generally narrow views.

After several negative experiences, we worked together to ensure we are representing the LGBTQ+ community as well as being true and respectful to our cultural roots. We thoughtfully combined both our cultural backgrounds into our wedding and try to incorporate these elements into our everyday lives. Being true to ourselves, supportive of difference and proud of where we came from is what we strive for. This does not always come easy. As a couple and as a community, we need to continue to seek to understand prior to passing judgement, respectfully challenge current ways of thinking, and most importantly, have the patience to listen. Thankfully both our workplaces support diversity and inclusion, and we are grateful for the support that Prairie Records has shown the Indigenous communities they operate in and the support towards Pride!

Thank you, Shauneen.

And, thank you to our Prairie Records community for continuing to Come Together this PRIDE month and the last year




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