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Why we price match

The answer to this may seem obvious, but for us, the driving force is really about community. We’ve made it our mission to be the cannabis shop for the creative community. This means showing up for our customers where it matters and recognizing what’s important to them.

When it comes to showing up, we often think about sharing inspiration, interesting thoughts about weed, brands we love, cannabis education and shouting out local creators.

Showing up also means recognizing that price is important and if you could get a better deal somewhere else, it totally makes sense to go there. Even if you like what Prairie Records stands for – being money conscious (especially around the holidays!) is important.

So, we price match. We never want you do doubt that we’ve got your back. If you notice the same item for a better price elsewhere, show us and we’ll match it.

To get into the nitty gritty of what price matching looks like at Prairie Records, you can click here. It’s nothing fancy, but it does outline some general qualifiers to keep things clean.

If you have any questions never hesitate to give us a shout at info@prairierecords.ca.

Have a great one! ✌️

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