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We think you mean dried January.

It's January - the month we resolve to try some new things, make a change, or just do different. The same can be said for the shop. Our inventory has been refreshed with a ton of new products (edible, anyone?) so, we're right there with you.
Yet, all this buzz about dry January got us thinking - why not dried January instead? Sounds way nicer from our POV and honestly, despite all these new products, we still got love for our favourite flower. So, dried January - you in? Here are some reasons to get you there:
1) So. Many. Uses. That beautiful ceramic pipe is more than decoration, fire it up. Looking to unleash your inner Laurie Wolf (FYI the New York Times referred to her as the "Martha Stewart of cannabis") - get cooking.
2) Be social. There's nothing better than lighting up a joint with a few friends while enjoying a winter sunset (Fact, they're actually better in the wintertime... did you know?). Or an outdoor skate. Or a nighttime stroll through the city with your partner. Or just a casual toke while you walk the dog.
3) Precision. When you know your favourite terpenes you know exactly at what temperature to cook that herb - choose your own damn adventure.
4) Prairie Records... we've got a few hot choices on sale right now. Visit us in Forest Lawn to get 3.5g of Aurora Blue Dream & O.G. Melon for only $29.99 this month. If you're looking for a craft option we've got 3.5g of DNA Sour Kush & UP Grace for just $10 more. In Saskatchewan? Aurora Chocolope & O.G. Melon for $29.99 & Redecan Wappa & Mistletoke at $39.99 - both in-store and online.
Enjoy your dried January, however you choose to consume.



Prairie Records

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