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Welcome to the Glow Life

So, it’s February, and we’ve got those winter blues. Things are feeling a bit bleak and we’re over it. Tired of feeling cold and stuck inside too? Join us in our glow up.

For the next two months, we’re shouting out how you can glow this season. We want to lift you up, share the warmth, and help you find strains that will give you the uplifting, cozy blanket feels to get through the season. Even if everything else is dreary af, you don't have to be. I’m not cold, you’re cold.

First up, a real classic: White Widow by our friends at 7Acres. This is a beautiful daytime strain that can help you feel relaxed and warm, like you’re being wrapped up in your favourite gravity blanket (yeah, we went there). The nice thing about this fan favourite is that it’ll keep your mind active due to terpene hints of pinene and limonene, while the caryophllene and myrcene round it all out for those relaxation vibes. We’ve got White Widow in Alberta at our Forest Lawn store for only $39.99.

Jack 🙌 Haze. Also by 7Acres. This one’s the result of two award-winning parents: Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze - both known for making people feel giggly and energized. Jack Haze will have strong psychoactive effects so our advice is (as always) to go low and slow at the start. That being said, it’s also a great daytime strain because of the uplifting energy it brings. All good vibes with Jack Haze, also available in Alberta at our Forest Lawn store for only $39.99.

A couple more features for Alberta coming in hot at $29.99 are Blue Ninety-Eight by RIFF and Purple Chitral by San Rafael ’71. These two beauties will both have you feeling the glow with their uplifting cerebral effects, helping you feel relaxed and happy.

If you’re in Saskatchewan, we’ve also got some recommendations for you. Delta 9 has supplied two of our favourites: Prairie Fire and Cloud Nine.

Prairie Fire comes in real hot with pretty high levels of THC and minimal CBD. From Sensi Star lineage, it provides powerful relaxation but stays stimulating – perfect for a winter night’s Netflix and chill. Enjoy melting into your couch but staying highly engaged.

Cloud Nine will have you floating like it’s a warm summer day at the lake in no time. It’s a very social strain and will keep you laughing with friends with its euphoric and uplifting energy.

Pick both of these up online or at our Saskatchewan locations (Broadway, Stonebridge, or Warman) for just $39.99.

We’ve also got Black (Wappa) by Fireside and Glueberry O.G. by Mediwanna for $29.99 in SK. Black (Wappa) is an indica-dominent hybrid with a nice terpene profile that includes myrcene and beta-caryophyllene while Glueberry O.G. will elevate your mood and promote an overall sense of well-being with flavors of sweet camphor and sandalwood. Glow on.

We hope these will help you through the rest of the winter with a warm glow. If you want to chat more about finding the right strain for the season come by the shop anytime.

Welcome to the Glow Life.


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