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Top Terps for Indica Season

It's pretty well known at this stage in the game that an Indica strain does not always equal a sleepy, easy going strain. If this is what you’re after though, we can help you get there. 

When shopping for weed, the ticket to a good, relaxing, chilled out strain that will have you heavy eyed or zen AF is all about the terpenes.

Here’s the deal. Terps are important. If you haven’t already started shopping for strains with a specific terpene mix in mind, we’re about to take you to your cannabis experience to a whole new level.

Here are the terpenes that you should be after when sussing out a chill strain: 

CARYOPHYLLENE – With substantial anti-inflammatory effects, this terp is said to be great for relieving stress and anxiety. Caryophyllene is spicy and peppery, almost like pungent chai latte and a cold fall day. 

MYRCENE – This gorgeous terp is one of the most common in cannabis. Myrcene is sure to put you on couch-lock, but in the best way possible. Known for its sedative effects, Myrcene is earthy and musky like your favourite woodland trail.

TERPINOLENE – Anxiety and insomnia, watch out. Like Myrcene, Terpinolene is said to have moderate sedative effects. This terp is sometimes harder to come by in cannabis but is worth searching for.

LINALOOL – We’ve all heard that lavender can have calming effects. Well, guess what lavender has a lot of. You guessed it, linalool. This stress-busting terp promotes relaxation and carries a citrusy floral aroma.

If the above terps are the answer to your indica season prayers, here are some strains that you should check out.

  • Sensi Star – giving us that terpinolene sleep kick
  • OG Kush - myrcene & caryophyllene team up here. Most strains in the Kush family will be high in myrcene
  • Chemdawg – distinct gassy, diesel-like aromas that will have you covered in the caryophyllene department
  • LA confidential – calmness + relaxation = lots of linalool 😊
  • Super Lemon Haze – a lemony treat with some much sought after terpinolene

Needs more reccos? Come visit. We’d be happy to help.

Happy Indica Season!

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