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Supporting the Canadian cannabis industry

Supporting the local communities in which we operate has always been a focus of ours. As we roll through the month and in the spirit of celebrating a more mindful Canada, we'd like to show how you too can support your local, Canadian cannabis community. This means the ecosystem of growers, suppliers, budtenders, creatives, and more.   

Firstly, support your local retailers! No, this isn’t just a shameless plug. You can go anywhere. Just show your support by shopping local (and legal 😉). Talk shop with your budtender, ask them for their recommendations, find out when the next hottest strain is coming to their store – take the time to engage.  

Second, there’s a pretty stacked roster of Canadian brands and businesses in the cannabis industry. From soil and nutrient suppliers to craft, small-batch growers (like Qwest), to large-scale producers (like Tweed). If you grow your own, do some research on the Canadian suppliers that can help your plants flourish. Brands such as Athena (based out of London, ON) or Remo(from Maple Ridge, BC) are some of the best in the biz.     

Third – follow your favourite Canadian brands and growers. Interact with them online. Let them know what you like and what you don’t like. Tell them how they can keep showing up for their fans and their communities. They continue to exist because you’ve given them your stamp of approval, help to make everybody in this industry better by providing your feedback. Here are some of our favourite feeds: 

  • @cannagrizz for home grow tips and reviews. 
  • @48nrth for education, recipes, and beautiful illustrations on sun grown cannabis. 
  • @decibelcc.ed for the trade secrets of Qwest cannabis. This guy holds nothing back. 
  • @craigbarkerphoto for stunning cannabis imagery. Peep his website for all the goods. 
  • @thegcc shop for eco-friendly, ethical, Canadian cannabis accessories. 
  • @rollmodelcannabis for a beauty feed and beauty pre-rolls. 
  • @highcanadamagazine for news, education, contests and good vibes. 
  • @shopallume for vintage inspired cannabis tolls you’d be proud to have on display. 
  • @hightea.life for a podcast all about cannabis.  

If it feels like we're barely scratching the surface it's because we are! Send us your recos, we'd love to hear them. 

Bottom line: when we adopt a more thoughtful approach to how we interact with Canadian businesses, and quite frankly our entire communities, everybody wins. 

Peace & love, friends. 

Prairie Records 

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