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Strains for the times.

It goes without saying, things have looked and felt kind of different lately. For us, we've had a lot of down time. Cancelled events, trying to make virtual plans, being stuck inside - it's all meant a lot of alone time. And everyone is handling it their own way.

Like we said a few posts ago, there are but a few things we can contribute during these unusual days. Good vibes, and solid cannabis recommendations, are some options we can readily bring to the table. 

So, here you have it: some of our top cannabis picks for making the most of your alone time, however you plan to spend it.  

If you're feeling productive:

  1. Blue Dream by Aurora is one of the greats in the 'get shit done' category. The terpenes pinene and limonene and its Haze parents contribute to an uplifting, cerebral high leaving you motivated, focused, and creative.  
  2. Lemon Skunk by DNA Genetics offers an energetic but relaxing high. Lemon Skunk offers a balanced terpene profile with bergamontene, which will give you a burst of energy, and terpinolene, which will stop that energy from feeling too overwhelming or anxious. 

If you're feeling introspective:

  1. If you're looking to go inward, there's really only one thing for us to hit home here: Black (Wappa) by Fireside (bonus, it's on sale this month!). This strain offers a powerful onset then a luminous high that leaves you spacey and introspective. It's awesome. Users have reported getting lost in their mind while still being hyper aware of what's going on around them. 

If you're feeling like zoning out:   

  1. First up: Cold Creek Kush by Redecan. Nerolidol paired with trans and beta-caryophyllene contribute to a warming and relaxing body high. It has a slow build, that starts in the body with glowy tingling sensations, coaxing you into relaxation. As the high builds, so does your happiness without affecting energy levels. 
  1. Bubba Kush by Cannafarms is our second pick here, also delivering a relaxing body buzz due to the caryophyllene and nerolidol pairing. Bubba Kush is a common descendant of the much loved Hindu Kush Mountain strains and will give you a couch-locking body high ridding you of any feelings of unease.

If you have a chance to try out one of these let us know! Or, did we miss one or your faves?  

We hope you're staying well, friends! See you soon. 


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