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August Vibes

K, hold up, it’s August? Yeeeesh. Time flies. Maybe it’s just us, but it feels like that past few months have gone by especially quick. Perhaps because there’s been so much change.

We think we can all agree that the change has been a great thing. As a country and society we’ve been banding together to support each other in all kinds of ways as a result of it.

On the flip side, change can be challenging. Depending how you cope – it can be exhausting, uncomfortable, and energetically draining.

We’ve gotta keep going and the change needs to continue no doubt, but we also want to take a minute to recognize that it’s important to show up for ourselves while we’re at it. We’ve got to replenish to rise.

So, while we continue to grow, make sure to take some time this August to soak in the last drips of summer. Get outside, spend time with friends, and smoke good weed. It’s the simple things that are often the most nurturing and when we take care of ourselves, we can continue to take care of each other.

Happy August, friends.

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