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Staff Pick: Robyn from Forest Lawn

We're a passionate group, and we love to share what our locals and staff are loving in each of our neighbourhood shops.

This is our high-lite reel!
Today we take you to Forest Lawn, and have one of our newest team mates, Robyn walk you through her top picks for flower.




Working at Prairie Records really gives you a chance to sample so many different strains and products. (I call it my Homework) Here are some strains that are currently trending with our Forest Lawn customers, and they just happen to be some of our staff’s favourites as well.


Fleurish - Social Mango


This was initially recommended to me by one of our amazing staff members. sativas aren’t really my jam, but this one certainly is. Known to be a creeper strain, the effects take a minute to come on slowly, but when they do, you’re filled with easy-breezy energy. This sativa-dominant hybrid sits at an honest percentage and packs a mighty bowl. The strain feels more like an indica to be honest. As the name suggests; it’s the perfect strain to smoke in any social situation. Shoot the breeze with pals, get creative or take it out for a night on the town! The mother cannabinoid, CBG plays a large role with this strain. CGB is known to help with pain, inflammation and nausea and is extremely beneficial in treating cancer.


OGEN - Freshly Baked #76


OGEN is one of the most sought-after brands in our store, with good reason. Not only do they produce some of the freshest buds around, they're also local boys right in our backyard. Of all the OGEN strains the Freshly Baked is my absolute favorite. This stuff is super tasty. The perfect wake and bake.


Qwest - Point Break


This was the first Qwest strain I had the pleasure of smoking, and it remains at the top of my list for many reasons. The late onset. The amazing taste. The high percentage. This hybrid is one of the most expensive that you will find, but with very good reason.  The first hit seems to penetrate all senses opening that olfactory system to give you the terpene profile that you so deserve. These beauty nugs bust up into the most fragrant of smoke sessions. The high reminds you of that first time. Remember?  It’s nice to know there are some strains that can still make you feel that way. Great for a chill day down by the river. You'll be floating for hours.

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