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Better Together: Meet Lorcan

We've been in the game for over three years now, and thought it best we introduce our legacy members. First up! Meet Lorcan, the glue holding some of our key locations together, the busiest being our Palace store. From Keyholder to Store Manager, Lorcan brings positivity, resourcefulness and an overall great sense of humour to our shops.

You may know her already, or may have seen her behind the counter. Regardless, see what Lorcan is all about and next time she greets you be sure to say hello.

Lorcan - Original Prairie Records' Legend:




Q: What do you do and how long have you worked with Prairie Records? How did you end up in cannabis retail?

A: I am the manager at the two Calgary locations. Two years ago, I was hired as a Keyholder and then worked my way up. Before legalization, it was not my intent to get into the industry. A friend sent me an ad for a hiring fair, and I decided to apply. I have always been passionate about cannabis and now its conducive to my life.

Q: What drew you to Prairie Records?

A: It was one of those situations where I just knew the right person. I was a supervisor at another dispensary and my manager at the time told me about this shop called Prairie Records. The record store concept caught my attention. He put me in contact with the appropriate people, and here I am.

Q: What are some of the changes you’ve witnessed in the industry since joining Prairie Records?

A: The industry now compared to its early stages in 2018 is completely different. It still has a long way to go, but in time I believe it will get to where it needs to be. The most obvious changes being the expansion of products and cultivars. Next to product innovation, there are a ton of retailers opening up - Alberta being just one example. We have the highest number of legal retailers  in the country, making us an incredibly saturated market which can be challenging.
My favourite change to date, is the level of knowledge people are being exposed to. It is an incredibly complex plant with so many benefits and I think people are really catching on to that. Not only are we influencing our local communities, but we are influencing global communities as well. Canada is the first G7 country to fully legalize cannabis which means we are paving the way for other countries to do the same. That’s something I view as extremely positive, and I am proud to be apart of it.   

Q: Who are the people among your team, in the community or in the industry at large that help you in managing and staying afloat in cannabis?

A: My staff mean a lot to me. I have some good eggs and I couldn’t do what I do without them. My boss Dustin is certainly worth mentioning, I wouldn’t be where I am without his guidance and mentorship. As for the industry, it is incredibly competitive, there is no sugar coating it. There are people in it for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. You can tell who the good ones are though, those are the people who raise each other up and make this a community.

Q: What brands or products do you love right now? Why?

A: Anything craft to be honest. You can tell when something has been made with love and that is transferable to cultivation. I choose to support local and quality producers because that is the kind of thing that matters to me as a consumer.

Q: What keeps you motivated, engaged and excited to continue to be a critical part of establishing this new industry’s success?

A: I don’t think this is an original answer but honestly just helping combat that stigma. The war on drugs is not working and legalization is helping people understand that. A critical part of making sure the legal market is successful, is not forgetting where it came from. We can start with making this industry accessible to the people who advocated for it and the people who grew it. We can approach this in a more sustainable way which is more aligned with its true culture.

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