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Indica Season is Here

Fall is fast approaching and wow, what a summer we've had. The changing seasons brings about feelings of transition which we've already had a lot of this year, but it's all for the best.

As we work to embrace all of these ~changes~ we're also excited to celebrate the new season - something we're aptly referring to as Indica Season. 😎

Indica Season gives us a lot to be excited about (and be thankful for). Quiet moments to relax and cuddle up, lots of good, heart warming food, the marker of cannabis legalization in Canada, an opportunity to flex our creative side with Halloween, and much more. 

As you unwind from summer, take time to slow your roll and zen out. Search out those indica-dominant strains with earthy, musky, floral vibes. The terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, terpinolene and linalool are your friends right now. 

As you cozy into Indica Season, here are some strains to check out:

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