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Happy Pride, Saskatoon!

Pride Week is upon us here in Saskatoon and as the general manager of a new business to the city I am happy to report my new business is embracing the opportunity to be part of the entire community that falls underneath the LGBTQ+ rainbow. As a previous member of the Saskatoon Diversity Network – three years on the board of directors – and now as the senior representative of Prairie Records and its parent company Westleaf in Saskatoon, I am helping bring my new workplace into the fold as part of the inclusive business community here in Saskatoon.

For starters the cannabis industry seems to be a natural place for everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ to feel comfortable. The product itself has a relaxing and chill quality. The concept and design of our stores is to promote a more relaxed retail experience and our flagship Prairie Records Saskatoon store on Broadway, is in the heart of a diverse and inclusive district.  Our neighbours are proudly supporting the work of the Saskatoon Diversity Network and Saskatoon’s Pride Week festivities and Prairie Records is no exception. We will be part of the Pride Festival this weekend and will have a tent set up to talk about our products (to adults only of course) and to show off some of our merchandise (sorry no product on site), particularly a very collectable rainbow adorned Prairie Records t-shirt for sale with all proceeds going to the Saskatoon Diversity Network.

But the commitment to inclusivity doesn’t begin or end with pride festivities. In Prairie Records stores we hope that all people, no matter how they identify, they will feel welcome and comfortable whether they are a first timer to the cannabis space coming in to ask questions or as an employee.  I know my own experience in working within the community that isn’t always the case, but I can say with point of pride, that the staff at Prairie Records and management team are working hard to make sure we can rightly say we are part of the whole community which includes everyone under the colours of our flag.  

Happy Pride Saskatoon!


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