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Connection, togetherness, respect, and unity.

Now more than ever, we’re being challenged to evaluate what it means to be Canadian. July reminds us of our love for this country (there really is a lot to love) but also encourages us to reflect on our complicated history and the continued progress that we know we still need to make.

If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that people need people. Connection, togetherness, respect and unity. Lucky for us, we live in a country that largely believes in this too – this has especially been true in the past few months.

Together, we’re working to address past wrongs, to celebrate the beautiful talents and diversity within our nation today, and to show up for each other. 

If there’s one thing we trust, it’s that Canada gets its strength from this unity. It’s the North’s truth. We thrive when we join together as one, working towards the same goal of freedom for all.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this July we’re going to celebrate all that Canada is becoming. We’re future-focused, learning from our history, paying respect to our ancestors, and working to ensure that the story we’re creating now is progressive and rich. 

If there’s one thing we promise, it’s that we’re right there with you - keeping the pedal to the metal. Let’s show them what united really looks like. 

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