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Appreciating the Craft

This month we're taking a moment to appreciate life's simple pleasures. With this, it seemed a no brainer to highlight our favourite past time - consuming cannabis - and shout out those who bring it back to basics, really showing respect to our favourite plant. 

As we know, well nurtured plants = tenacious aromas, luscious flavours, and an experience that has you feeling like you are hearing your favourite song for the first time. In other words, well nurtured plants =  some real "treat yoself" bud.

When we imagine meticulous, thoughtful growing our minds go directly to Canada's craft producers. Craft growers don’t automate harvest dates or do anything just to check 'the box', they listen to the needs of each strain, advocate for uniqueness, embrace uncommon opportunities, and approach each and every plant with mindfulness. The result: terps, trichomes, and highs that have been thoughtfully conceived.

To get some thoughts on craft grow, we reached out to master grower Ed Chiu at Qwest Cannabis to hear his team's approach to craft cultivation.

“At Qwest, we treat our cultivation operations as if it were our very own garden. We grow our products as if they were going to be smoked by us and shared with our closest friends and family. It all comes down to respect for the plant, extreme patience and commitment.”

For the Qwest team, every harvest means listening, learning and adapting. “Our process is always evolving and we are continuously researching innovative ways to support each plant as it develops to maturity. Our process is all about making small data driven changes, assessing those changes and then replicating the process effectively. It’s no easy task, but we see the rewards tenfold.”

The philosophy of small batch growing has been the same for centuries; quality is king. A craft grower is in the weeds (pun intended) getting their hands dirty, experimenting with different grow hacks, and allowing plants to mature like a fine wine. You can’t rush, or program, excellence.

Want to try some premium craft bud for yourself? Here's a place to start:

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